About Jackson Service Company

Full - Service Heating and Air Conditioning Contracting Company in Philadelphia, PA

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Jackson Service Company is a full - service Heating and Air Conditioning contracting company that was started in December of 1949 by George Jackson Sr., a former air plane mechanic and crew chief for the famous Tuskeegee Airman of WWII; and his bride – Nora Jackson. George took HVAC training school using the GI Bill.

In addition, George became the first African American fuel oil dealer in 1963. The company continued to grow in capabilities through many decades and economic conditions. All of George and Nora’s children grew up in the business and worked in it in various capacities, but their youngest son, Gregory took over control of the company in December 1989, and worked the business and was further trained by George until his death in 2006.

Gregory terminated the fuel oil delivery business in 1995, and with the help of his new bride Colette, focused on the HVAC business exclusively, and the business continues to expand its capabilities to this day.

Jackson Service Company is historically are service technicians who also do all types of installations. This view point causes us to choose equipment and customized installation procedures that promote extended equipment life and long - term customer relationships. We have several clients who have been with us for over 20 – 30 years and we still my father’s first Installation client that was first installed in 1959. Gregory changed her original oil boiler to gas around 10 years ago.